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Development & In-house App Wireless Installation - The Best Diawi Alternative

Unlimited downloads, never expires, supports up to 2GB, and a powerful management dashboard - all for free.

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Notice: 1. Pgyer makes every effort to combat and prevent Internet telecom fraud crimes in accordance with the law. It is strictly forbidden to upload financial loans, financial storage, and suspected Internet telecom fraud. "Pgyer Application Review Rules". 2. In order to regulate the personal information collection behavior of mobile Internet applications (App), Pgyer developers are requested to consciously abide by "Common Types Provisions on the Scope of Necessary Personal Information for Mobile Internet Applications", apps that seriously violate this provision will be deleted.

The features of platform

Fast Upload

Quickly upload your iOS and Android apps and easy sharing.

Secure Hosting

Provides secure storage and management of your apps.

Distribution Links

Distribute apps via links or QR codes without App Store.

Installation Statistics

Real-time insights into app installations and usage.

Crash Analysis

Collect and analyze app crash data and updates easily.

Multi-Platform Support

Supports both iOS and Android platforms and more.

So, how does it work?

Upload Your App
Upload your iOS or Android app to the platform.
Get Distribution Link
It automatically generates a distribution link or QR code.
Users Download and Install
Users download and install the app via the link or QR code

Platform Highlights

Permanent App Storage

App installation packages are saved permanently, ensuring your apps are always available for download.

Maximum File Size 2G

Support for app files up to 2GB in size, accommodating even the most complex apps.

Unlimited Builds

Upload and manage an unlimited number of builds for your app, with no restrictions.

Team collaboration

Support for team collaboration with sub-accounts, making it easy to work together on app projects.

High-speed Download

Ensure fast and reliable app downloads with our integration with Cloudflare CDN.

Email technical support

Get assistance whenever you need it with our dedicated email technical support.


Easily manage upload apps without logging to web

Update app

Install app

Get information

Update settings

Check updates

View feedback

Compare with Diawi

iOS and Android apps upload
Installation links to send testers
Dashboard for managing uploaded apps
API access
Links protected by a password
Links protected by questions and answers
Links protected by authentication code
Links protected by login
Timed release app
Auto-sync with App Store/Google Play
Display icon in QR Code
User feedback
App folder
Displays full certificate information
Brand hiding
Custom domain names
Custom page URLs
Apps manageable by any team member
Installation notifications
Installation statistics
Link expiration alerts & recovery
Full history
Link customization count
0 (Free) / 25 (Paid)
Maximum upload size
75 MB (Free) / 1.2 GB (Paid)
Download expiration
Never Expires
1 day (Free) / 15 days (Paid)
Installations per app
10 (Free) / 100 (Paid)
0 ~ 299,99€ / month

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FAQ · Help Center

Have a question?

You can upload your iOS or Android app file to our server using the upload form. In addition, you can use the API to integrate the upload function into your existing system.
After uploading your app, the platform automatically generates a distribution link and QR code for easy distribution.
Yes, our service is free to use with no hidden fees or charges.
Our servers are hosted on Cloudflare, ensuring fast and reliable performance.
Your data is very secure and highly available, protected by robust security measures.
Loadly.io currently supports the following file formats: .ipa (iOS app files) and .apk (Android app files). We are continually working to support more file formats and platforms in the future.
When users are not logged in, app management is not supported. However, once logged in, all uploaded apps will appear in the management dashboard. Users can then access various settings and management features for these apps.
If you encounter any issues while using Loadly.io, you can get support in the following ways:
Check our help documentation and FAQs.
Email our support team at [email protected].
We hope these FAQs help you better understand and use Loadly.io. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.